Supervision in counselling

Supervision​ in counselling for student/qualified therapists

I offer clinical supervision in counselling to student and qualified therapists and others who work in the helping professions.

What is supervision?

Working under supervision means that a counsellor uses the services of another more experienced and qualified counsellor to review their counselling practice with clients

Supervision focuses on the interactions between supervisor, counsellor, client and context with the aim of promoting effective practice. Supervision aims to build on the strengths and successes of the counsellor and address any weaknesses. 

Supervision supports an individual’s organisational, professional and personal objectives including focusing on competency, accountable practice, continuing professional development and personal support, confidentiality, and highly ethical practice.

supervision in tavistock

What is the best approach to supervision?

In my approach I adopt the Seven Eyed Supervisor Model to deliver supervision which is developmental, resourcing and qualitative.

Supervision in counselling is a collaborative partnership. The intention of supervision is to pay attention to and ensure the following:

  • The learning and development of the supervisee
  • The clients of the supervisee and the quality of service that they receive
  • The organisation(s) that employ the supervisee and the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation’s work
  • The ongoing learning and development of the profession in which the supervisee, and possibly, the supervisor work.

(Hawkins, Peter and Shohet, Robin. Supervision in the Helping Professions, 4th edition. Maidenhead: Open University Press, 2012)

What are the benefits of supervision in counselling for the individual?

Supervision is an opportunity to:

Counsellor Carla Polhill based in Tavistock

My name is Carla Polhill, I am experienced Integrative Counsellor and Supervisor based in Tavistock

Through empathy and relationship, I am available to support you with your  journey as a therapist. I am offering meaningful connection and secure attachment within the therapeutic relationship.

Through my approach I draw on inspiration from a range of therapeutic models that encompass mind, body, and soul. As a result, your needs can be met by matching my approach to your personality.

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